To import your Suppliers from NetSuite, press 'Import Suppliers': 

- If there are no related suppliers In Precoro, then a new supplier will be added;

- If the supplier's currency is unavailable in your Precoro account, then the new currency will be added in the 'Basic settings' automatically;

To update your suppliers in Precoro by NetSuite, press 'Update Suppliers.'

Precoro will create a new supplier or push changes to NetSuite after the supplier is created or updated manually in Precoro. 

You can use the Supplier Portal if your company is integrated with NetSuite. Suppliers from NetSuite can be matched with suppliers from the Supplier Portal. 

Please note: you cannot change the supplier's Company Name, Phone, Tax Payer Number, Account Number, and Address fields in Precoro if they are integrated with NetSuite — we take all the data from there.

Invoices created in the Supplier Portal will be sent to NetSuite after your confirmation.

List of fields available for integration:

  • Company Name
  • Currencies
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Legal Name
  • Tax Number
  • Address
  • Account Number