To get access to Precoro's API integration, you need to have your API token.
Please, note:

  • This API token is set for the user;
  • Access to the API data is limited against the user roles and access to the Locations, Departments, Projects. So it will be better to set up the API token for the user that has a maximum of the roles and accesses;
  • If you have multiple companies inside your account, you have to set up separate API token for each company;

How to define if you have multiple companies?

Please, open Configurations --> Account settings. 

Here you will see the list of the available companies inside your account.

How to generate the API token?

Open this page and press 'Create new API Token.'
If you have multiple companies, then switch between companies and repeat this action.

Pressing up a 'Bucket' icon will disable the API token.