You can add a Supplier Invoice # to gain more control over documents in Precoro. The Supplier Invoice number can include numbers, letters, and symbols.

A Supplier Invoice number is displayed in:

  • Invoice list 
  • Payments lists
  • Invoice document page
  • PDF documents

How to add and edit a Supplier Invoice #:

  • You can add a Supplier Invoice Number while creating an Invoice:

  • Or on the Invoice page when the Invoice has a "Draft" status:

Please note: Supplier Invoice numbers are checked for duplicates. Therefore, you can't create Invoices with identical Supplier Invoice numbers. To change it, you can turn off this feature here.

In Precoro, you can search by Supplier Invoice number in Document lists:

  • Open Invoices —> click Filters —> enter a number in Supplier Invoice # field —> filter your list.
  • To search by two or more numbers, you may enter them with a comma.

Please reach out to us via online chat if you have any questions.