Simple steps to set up SSO with Azure:

  1. Open the Configurations tab on your left and go to the SSO settings tab, move the switch to On
  2. Please skip steps 3-5, if you have already set up tenet, or created the enterprise application, and added users
  3. Open your account in Azure, choose an existing tenet, or add a new one.
  4. Create your own enterprise application or choose an existing one in your tenet

  5. Open your tenet, go to Manage —> Users, and Invite a new one:
    • Enter a valid email from Precoro

    • Add this user to your Enterprise application

  6. Set up your SSO in the application. Go to Manage (from your Enterprise application) —> Single sign-one —> choose SAML method

  7. Fill in Step 1 (Basic SAML Configuration). You need to match fields from your SSO configuration tab in Precoro with fields in Azure:
    • Entity ID —> Identifier (Entity ID)
    • ACS —> Reply URL (ACS URL)
    • Single Logout Response Endpoint —> Logout Url

  8. Download Federation Metadata XML from Step 3 (SAML Signing Certificate) and upload it to Step 4 in the SSO setting tab in Precoro

  9. Copy Azure AD Identifier from Step 4 (Set up) and paste it to Step 3 in Precoro SSO settings

How can you invite new users to Precoro if the SSO is enabled?

  • You can still invite users to your Precoro company account from the User Management tab. But first, this user must be added to your user list in Azure.
  • A new user will be redirected to the Company Login page from the invitation email.

Please contact us via our online chat if you have any questions.