You can decide which documents to send to QuickBooks: Purchase Orders or Invoices at the Integration setup stage.


How to Import Invoices to QuickBooks?

Invoices are sent automatically after approval.

Please note, Invoice # (or Invoice custom number) is not displayed in QuickBooks; instead, the Supplier Unique Code is displayed.

Importing Invoices to Quickbooks

What will be sent to QuickBooks

What will be sent to QuickBooks

Please notediscounts applied to the documents or item lines in Precoro will be synchronized with QuickBooks. Therefore, there is no need to modify the total per line or document in QuickBooks after sending it from Precoro.

What if you revise or edit an Invoice? 

When the document is in the Revision stage, you can delete, add, edit items, change the Document Custom Field, and the changes will appear in QuickBooks.

If you edit an Invoice Order without revision the changes will not appear in QuickBooks.,

Please note, if you edit an Invoice in QuickBooks, the changes will not be imported to Precoro.

Revising the Invoice in Precoro

What if you need to cancel an Invoice?

You can cancel a document in Precoro, and it will be removed from QuickBooks.

Canceling the Invoice


What if you edit or delete Invoices in QuickBooks?

Changes will not appear in Precoro.

How to import payments to Precoro?

You can import payments to Precoro:

1. Automatically (main option)

After payment is recorded in QuickBooks, it is imported into the Precoro account. As a result, the status of the Invoice will change to Paid. Payments recorded in Precoro are not imported into QuickBooks.

2. Manually (in case QuickBooks had not imported some payments)

If any payment has not been automatically imported to Precoro or canceled, you can use an Import from QuickBooks feature to import payments based on the selected date range.

To use this feature, please complete the following steps:

1. First, open the Integrations page and ensure that the "Import payments from QuickBooks" checkbox is active.

"Import payments from QuickBooks" checkbox is active.


2. Go to the Payments page. 

Note: if you can not see it, check if the Payment role is available for you on the User Management page.

3. Select a date range of Invoices issue dates with which there are associated new payments or actions with previous payments that were not automatically imported from QuickBooks.

4. Click on Import from QuickBooks button. All payments associated with Invoices whose issue date is in the selected range will be updated/added to Precoro. 

What type of payments method could be imported from QuickBooks:

  • Bill Payments
  • Cheque
  • Credit/Debit Card Payment
  • Supplier Credit

What if you need to void or delete a payment in QuickBooks?

The payment in Precoro will be canceled. You can create a new payment in QuickBooks for this Invoice. 

Please note, if you cancel the payment in Precoro, changes will not be shown in QuickBooks.

What if you do not pay the total amount of the Invoice?

The status of the Invoice will change to Partly Paid in Precoro.

How to use "Close the books"?

If you use the "Close the books" of the financial reporting period in QuickBooks, it will be impossible to send documents from Precoro in a closed period.

For example, your closing date is 31.12.2020 in QuickBooks, but in Precoro, you have an Invoice on 30.12.2020. You can not send this Invoice to QuickBooks after 31.12.2020 because the accounting period has closed. 

Close the books feature in Quickbooks