You can decide which documents to send to QuickBooks: Purchase Orders or Invoices at the integration setup stage.


How to import Purchase Orders to QuickBooks:

The Purchase Order is sent automatically after approval.

What will be sent to QuickBooks?

Please note: the discounts applied to the documents or item lines in Precoro will be synchronized with QuickBooks. Therefore, there is no need to modify the total per line or document in QuickBooks after sending it from Precoro.

What if you revise/edit a Purchase Order? 

When a Document is in the In Revision stage, you can delete, add, edit items, or change the Documents Custom Field, and the changes will appear in the QuickBooks simultaneously if you have no Bills for this Purchase Order in Quic.

If you edit a Purchase Order without revision, the changes will not appear in QuickBooks.

*note, if you edit a Purchase Order in QuickBooks, the changes will not be imported to Precoro.

What if you need to cancel the Purchase order?

You can cancel the document, and it will be removed from QuickBooks.

*note, if you delete a document in QuickBooks, the changes will not appear in Precoro.

Purchase Order # in documents in QuickBooks:

The Purchase Order # is displayed in Purchase Orders in QuickBooks.
Note: if you have custom numbering for your Purchase Orders — custom numbers will be displayed in QuickBooks instead of default numbers.

Please note: If you are using the QuickBooks Essentials plan, you won't be able to integrate Purchase Orders because this plan does not offer such an option; consequently, you won't see Purchase Orders integration settings in Precoro.