What happens if you edit an integrated supplier built-in Precoro?

Editable fields will be imported into the QuickBooks and a list of fields will be imported:

  • Supplier's name
  • City
  • State province 
  • Postal Code
  • Country
  • Phone number
  • Account number 

*consider that the same will happen if you edit the supplier in QuickBooks.

In case you have multiple emails for one supplier in your QuickBooks profile, we add them as separate contacts to supplier's profile in Precoro. 

What happens if you disable the built-in supplier in QuickBooks?

If you disable the supplier in QuickBooks, the supplier will be disabled in Precoro. 

Please note, if you disable the supplier in Precoro, this supplier will remain available in QuickBooks.

What happens if you edit synced Products?

If you changed the product name in QuickBooks, press the Sync Products button on the integration page to display these changes in Precoro.  

What happens if you add unsynchronized Products to the Purchase Order/Invoice?

The synced products will be sent to QuickBooks as items. Other items will be submitted as category details.

What happens if you merge Suppliers in QuickBooks?

When you merge suppliers in QuickBooks, in Precoro, the merged supplier is unmapped from the corresponding one in QuickBooks. It can be disabled further in Precoro if it is no more relevant or integrated with another QuickBooks supplier again.