1. How to add a new Supplier to the Suppliers Portal?

To add a new supplier to the Suppliers Portal:

2. Press the button Add Supplier, fill in all the required info and save it.
The next step is to send an invitation to the Supplier:

3. On the Manage Suppliers page click the Invitation to the Suppliers Portal and then click the New Invitation.
4. Select the new supplier, enter their email and press Send.

After that, you need to text Precoro so we’ll approve this invitation, and only then it will be sent to a Supplier. On this step, it is important to mention who is going to be responsible for adding new items and updating prices: you or a Supplier.
Once a Supplier gets an invitation, they need to confirm it and register in the Suppliers Portal. After that, you’ll get a notification that a Supplier has already registered.

If you want the POs to be sent to your new supplier automatically, you need to set the Automatic PO sending. For that:

1) go to Manage Suppliersfind your new supplier, and press Edit button;
2) in the field “Automatic PO sending” select “Yes“ and click Update.

If there are many new suppliers, you may do that in bulk:

1) in  Manage Suppliers click Update Suppliers and download the XSLX file;
2) find the column Automatic PO sending” and enter “1“ for those suppliers, to whom the order should be sent automatically;
3) save the file and upload it back to Precoro.

Then the Supplier on his side will need to create a new catalog and to add his/her items there.

2. How to match a Supplier’s category with yours?

After the Supplier has created the catalog with items, you need to match the Supplier’s categories with your company’s categories.

Follow the steps below to do that:

2. Select Match the Supplier’s Categoryfind the category you need among yours, and click Save.


3. How to add a new item to the Product Group?

If you can create Product Groups, you should time to time check if there are notifications about products, which have no group set yet. 

To see, which items are not in a certain group yet, go to the info card “The items without a Group” in the Supplier Management.

In case if new items appeared in the catalog, you can distribute them between the necessary Product Groups in two ways:

1) By entering each of the items one by one to the required group:

1. In the Supplier Management press Catalog Managementthen click to Products Without a Group and then - Show Groups.
2. After that click Edit, select the necessary group for the particular item, and press Save. 

2) By entering items massively by categories:

1. In the Supplier Management press Catalog Management.

2. Then press the info card Products Without a Group and take a look at which categories the items there have. 
3. After that click Edit Product Group Categoriesselect an items’ category and then select a group to which you need to add items and save.

As a result, users will have the access to the group you have chosen and will be able to see and to order items.
Important: From time to time check if there is a red spot near the menu Catalog Management and Category Management in Supplier Management. They notify you about there are new categories and products you need to add to the Portal and to match to the necessary group.