To expedite searches in Precoro it is prudent to utilize filters. You can use filters to search through any documents: Warehouse Requests, Purchase Requisitions, Requests for Proposals, Purchase Orders, Invoices, and Receipts.

To use filters more effectively:

  • Go back to the filtered list
  • Save filters

To go back to the filtered list:

  1. Press "Show filters" and set the filters you need
  2. Open one of the filtered documents
  3. Go back to your filtered list:
    • Click "Filter" on your top bar menu
    • Or use the back button in your browser

How to save filters:

You may save your search so as to work faster. Thus next time, you will click one button to locate the correct Purchase Orders or Invoices. 

For that:

  1. Press "Show filters" and set the filters you want to save.
  2. Click on the "Save filter" button, name your filter, and click "Save".
  3. Then, to apply a saved filter, click "Saved filters" and press the "Apply" button.

To reset filters:

If you have applied filters to any list:

  • The "Reset Filters" button is shown on the top. So you can go back to the complete unfiltered list with just one click. 

  • You can press the "Show filters" button —> "Reset filters".