Precoro's budget is set up to limit and track purchases at all levels that are needed, whether by location, department, or chart of accounts. The breakdown of your budgets by the chart of accounts allows you to deepen in the tracking of costs at the accounting level.


1. Prepare settings to add budgets

  • Activate the "Budgets" check box to be able to create budgets by Departments, Projects or Chart of accounts, Classes for budgets;
  • *Please note. Budgets by locations, departments, or projects selected at the document level mean that you will only have one budget per document. If you need to have more than one budget on a purchase order or invoice, you must set up budgets by the chart of accounts or classes

            If you don't see Departments, Projects, or Chart of Accounts, here you can see how to add Departments or Projects, and here you can see how to add Chart of Accounts.


  • Configure the way in which Precoro will calculate your budgets, in Net total or Gross total (for example, without taxes or with taxes).

2. Add budgets by Departments and Chart of Accounts or General Ledger

3. How to select budget by items/products in the Purchase Orders