Discounts can be applied to the Line Item or to the entire document in a PO or an Invoice. 

How to add a discount to a certain Line Item?

1. Open the document to add the discount to the Line Item.

2. Find the Line Item to be discounted and click Edit.

3. Click “+” in the Discounts column to add a discount row. 

4. Enter the discount name, select what type of discount you want to apply in the items (% rate or amount), click Save.

Once all the discounts are added to Line Items, Precoro will automatically calculate the discounts before taxes and you will see the total discount sum per item (1) and document (2).

How to apply a discount to the entire document?

1. Open the document you wish to add the discounts.

2. Click “+” to add a discount field → enter the discount name and the amount in % →  Save changes.

3. Confirm the document to apply the discount.

Once done, Precoro will automatically calculate the discounts before taxes and show the total discount sum per Line Item (1) and document (2).