A Credit Note is a commercial document that a supplier produces to notify the customer about a credit applied to the customer's account & Invoice. 

Typically a Credit Note is created because:

  • the customer returned goods or rejected services;
  • the goods were damaged in some way, usually during the transit;
  • there was a mistake regarding the price in the original Invoice;
  • the customer overpaid the original Invoice.


How to create a Credit Note

Usually, the supplier will reference an Invoice number for a specific Credit Note.

You need to find this Invoice in Precoro and create a Credit Note for it.

  • Credits increase the available budget amount from an initial Invoice;
  • Payment will be added to the initial Invoice if the unpaid amount is more than the credit or the same;
  • If your initial Invoice is fully paid, the credits will be added to the supplier's credit balance, and you will be able to pay another Invoice using the credit.
  • If your initial Invoice is partially paid, the credits will be split between the initial Invoice and the supplier's credit balance.

How to pay an Invoice with supplier's credits

If you have a credit balance for a specific supplier, you will be able to pay the invoice with credit.

How to cancel a Credit Note

You can cancel a Credit Note if there are no payments to be made with credit. Even if there are some credit payments, you can cancel them and cancel the Credit Note.

Supplier Credit Note #

  • You can add a Supplier Credit Note # while creating a Credit Note;

  • the Supplier Credit Note # is now displayed in document lists and on document show pages;
  • You can edit the Supplier Credit Note # when the Credit Note has the status "Draft";

  • You can search and filter documents by Supplier Credit Note #;

Please note: Supplier Credit Note #s are checked for duplicates. Therefore, you can't create Credit Notes with identical Supplier Credit Note numbers. To change that, you can turn off this feature here.

How to get a report about a Credit Note

You can export Credit Notes into a separate report. 

* Please note that a report about Invoices will only contain Invoices. The invoice will be exported with the full amount even if you have applied a Credit Note to an Invoice.