Enhanced QuickBooks integration

We added to the integration Chart of accounts, Classes, Departments, and changed the way we integrate items. 

How it works:

You can select the options and settings should be integrated with QuickBooks:

1. Chart of accounts * - this setting is required. Accounts will be imported as the cost center, and you will not be able to turn it off.

In Precoro, we have three ways to send items to QuickBooks. This info will help you to understand how the integrations work: 

  1. Case 1.  You are not tracking the Catalog and or Inventory in QuickBooks.
    In this case, every item of the Purchase Order or Invoice will be assigned to one account in QuickBooks, and the transactions will be created against categories.
    You need to select one of the accounts at the item level in every new Purchase Order or Invoice. This option will outline the expense head for the item. 
  2. Case 2. You have a 'Products and services catalog' and or tracking Inventory in QuickBooks.
    In this case, your QuickBooks transactions should be created against the QuickBooks catalog, types of items (e.g., Inventory/ Service /Non-inventory items), and correspondent Chart of accounts.
    You will need to sync products in the Precoro catalog with the QuickBooks catalog: 
    • Export your 'products and services' from QuickBooks 
    • Import this file to Precoro 
    • Press 'Sync products' in integration settings here
      The Chart of Accounts will be assigned to the items against the QuickBooks catalog when sending the Purchase Order or Invoice.
      Even so, you will need to select one of the accounts in Precoro for the synced items to outline the expense head. 
  3. Сase 3.  You want to mix catalog items and category expences.
    In this case, you will need to import a catalog from QuickBooks and sync with Precoro. Other items you can add at the document level as empty rows.
    Any way, integrated items will be sent as items, and empty rows will be sent as a category.

2. Classes - this setting is not required. The classes can be assigned per line item in the PO/Invoice. Classes will be imported as a Cost Center and sent to QuickBooks with every Order or Invoice at the item level.

3. Departments -  this setting is not required. Departments will be imported as a document cost center, and you will be able to assign and integrate a department per entire document.

How it works:

How the category expenses and items will look in QuickBooks: