The Precoro design is changed.

It's the first step to improve Approval experience:

  • all of the statuses will be shown on the lists of the documents;
  • there are added Other details column with the Departments and Projects;
  • our filters have never been so pretty and structured.

You can track Net Totals in Budgets.

When switching to Net Total, you will see the Net Total:

  • in the lists of the documents;
  • Budgets* - this setting will be applied only on new budgets;
  • Approval thresholds.

When the switch is set on the Gross Total, all of these sums will calculate as a Gross Total.

Improved filtering in Budgets

The filtered budget will show up only appropriate info. 

It will help to dive dipper in the spent amount:

  • show how much is left per whole budget total, its lines and periods;
  • calculate how much you've spent by suppliers and locations;
  • filter out the spendings by budget lines and periods.

Ability to receive PDF file in approval emails.

To receive PDF files in the approval emails, please press the tick-box, as shown in the video.

Here is how it will look in your emails: