A new way to create and track budgets

This feature should resolve these problems/issues:

  • It's hard to track the Project budget when you have more than one budget in one Project.
  • I don't understand the budget availability per month/quarter/year.
  • It's hard to create twenty hundreds of budgets. It takes a lot of time.
  • I have the same budgets per different periods and I should create a budget every month with the same info. It's struggling me.

What you can do with new budgets:

  • Create a budget with multiple budget-lines.
    The budget line is a separate budget, included in the main budget.
    Each budget line can be assigned to Purchase Orders and Invoices.
    This case can be used to track budgets per different costs. Each budget line can be at a different cost.
  • Create a budget with multiple periods.
    Each budget line can have different periods: months, quarters or one custom period.
    This case can be used as a yearly budget divided per cost and periods.
  • Create a budget divided per department and/or project.

Here you can see how to create a new budget.

Ability to add free of charge items in Purchase Orders / Invoices / Catalog

Press tick-box as shown on the screen to add a free of charge item manually into PO/Invoice/Catalog:

Miss the price to add free of charge item by import in PO/Invoice: