Import items in Purchase Requisition, Order and Invoice via excel.

Here are help docs:

Please note! 

This feature is unavailable when you have disabled the Empty rows for items in the PR/PO/Invoice.
To enable this feature press tick-box on the appropriate tab here:

T&C are incorporated in PDF PO file 

If you have in your settings the pdf file with T&C it will be attached to your Purchase Order as a second or third page.

The example attached to this article.

You can upload your T&C in Basic settings

Customization for the vertical and horizontal type of Purchase Order.

You can show the contacts from Requisitions.

This option will be useful if your supplier should deliver directly to the requestor's address.

If you are using the automatic sending of the Purchase Orders to the supplier's it will be better to set which type of the file will be sent in Basic settings.