Importing items via excel is a fast way to fill in the Purchase Requisition.

It's very helpful if you have the Bill of materials.

To import items:

  • open your PR
  • press Import items *
  • download the template and fill it in*
  • upload the file.

Your template will have all the necessary columns to create items.

Please be careful with the columns for the Suppliers and Cost –°enters.

It would be better to copy the values right from Precoro.

Precoro will recognize only a 100% match with the Suppliers and Cost –°enters.

Even if there is a difference in one symbol, Precoro will not match them:

  • Precoro
  • Pre coro
  • Precor
  • Precoroo

* This feature is unavailable when you have disabled Empty rows for items in the PR/PO/Invoice.
To enable this feature, check the box on the appropriate tab here: