New fields in custom reports

  • Invoice issue date
  • Invoiced / Uninvoiced sum in Purchase Orders
  • All Invoices/Left for Blanket PO

Small improvement of Precoro UI

  • the header will take 40 pixels instead of 75
  • the Trial/Demo specific buttons and texts will be incorporated in the header

Now the header takes a lot of place in the interface:

How it will look like after release: 

Ability to add an item from catalog to the PO or Invoice if there is no supplier

Removed unnecessary tick-boxes in Basic Settings

  • Approval¬†
  • Cost Centers and Document Cost Centers
  • Budget for DCC

After the release, it will be the default functions available in every company.

This way, we wanted to reduce the count of steps when setting up the process.

It wouldn't change any of the processes of the clients.