When you create a PO from a PR, sometimes the items in the PR don’t have suppliers, so you will have to do the following steps to create a PO:

        1. Go to the left-side menu and choose Purchase Order.

        2. Click on the card “Please select a supplier” to choose a supplier.

        3. Here you can see all the items from approved PR that don’t have a supplier. In our case, we have 1 item. To choose a supplier, we should click on the edit button on the right.

        4. Then you will be able to choose a supplier in the “Supplier” column and confirm the item. After confirmation, it will disappear from this menu. 

Please note that if you choose two or more different suppliers for the items from one PR, then you will need to create a separate PO for every supplier.

After choosing suppliers for the item, the process of creating a PO from a PR will be standard. You can check it here.