To completely restrict a user from accessing the Precoro system simply disable their account. Please note that because it is important to retain access to historical data associated with the disabled user's account it is impossible to completely delete the disabled user's past activity. 

To do so, follow these steps:

        1. Go to User management (within the Configuration tab)

        2. Find the respective user (you can use a filter for searching by name or other parameters)


        3. When you have found the respective user, you should click on the edit button.

        4. Then, you will see the “Edit User” menu. There is a switcher at the bottom of the main page, and you should click on it and then on the Update button. Now your user is disabled.

Please note that you may not be able to disable a user if there are actions actively required from them or they are a part of the approval process.

If the switcher is grey then you can’t do anything with find the red information sign on the right and click on it to learn what is preventing you from disabling the user.

When you disable a user, you should assign a Substitute user to become responsible for the disabled user's documents. In this way, the new substitute user will perform any actions instead of a disabled one. 
Please read this article on how to set up a substitute when disabling a user to learn how this is done.