Integration with QBO

Finally, we are going to release Integration Precoro with QuickBook Online. 

Our users will be able to link accounting and procurement, eliminate excess work, and manually enter information into accounting.

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Approved Invoice transfer to QuickBooks Online

We are approaching the completion of the first iteration of integration with QBO. This week we are going to release approved Invoice transfer to QBO.

How does this work:

  • We transfer approved Invoice from Precoro to QBO (it will be called Bill in QBO).
  • We update Bill in QBO every time if Invoice is changed in Precoro.
  • We delete Bill if the Invoice in Precoro becomes canceled or rejected.

Default tax 

In Basic Settings now you can select Default tax for all suppliers or LE. 

How does this work: 

  • Your default tax is TIN, and then you change it to VAT. That Precoro will automatically find all suppliers/LE with TIN tax and change it to VAT. 
  • You can still change the default tax for each supplier in Suppliers Management.
  • If some supplier has another tax (not TIN) or it uses the supplier portal, it will not change.

 Default tax can save time on choosing taxes if they are the same for all suppliers or if you are importing suppliers and want to set one tax for all suppliers.