What you'll get with the integration:

  • manual entry of Purchase Orders or Invoices in QuickBooks Online reduction;
  • suppliers data in Precoro and QuickBooks Online synchronization;
  • better communication between the purchasing and accounting departments. 

What you can integrate now:

  • Suppliers
    All of your suppliers can be connected to the appropriate suppliers in QuickBooks Online.
    This will help you get relevant supplier's details both in Precoro and QuickBooks.
    You can add a supplier from QuickBooks one by one or in a bulk.

  • Items
    All of your products will be connected to appropriate items in QuickBooks.
    Please note, we are not able to update items in QuickBooks by Precoro.

  • Purchase Orders
    Once your Purchase Order becomes approved, Precoro pushes it to Quick Books. 
    The same way Precoro will push changed Purchase Orders to Quick Books after revision.
    And when you decide to cancel your Purchase Order, Precoro will delete it from Quick Books.
  • Invoices and Payments
    They work like Purchase Orders. 
    Payments will be taken from QuickBooks and invoices will be marked as paid in Precoro. 

How to integrate Precoro with QuickBooks Online:

  • Press Connect and login to your QuickBooks Online account.

  • Press Sync Suppliers
    Precoro will get all the matches.

    If there are no matches found, you can map manually.
    If you start using Precoro from scratch you can import your suppliers here*.
    *Import of the suppliers is available when all of the suppliers are matched.
  • Select default Account references
    * Precoro will use it when transferring a Purchase Orders to the QuickBooks.
  • press Sync Products
    *Even if you have no products synced you are able to integrate with QuickBooks and transfer Purchase Orders.
  • Select Integration option - Approved Purchase Orders or Approved Invoices.
  • set the default Tax agency and match the tax rates, if it is available in your Precoro account
    *Please note, that the tax rates should be equal;

    * This step will be hidden if you are not using the taxes in Precoro.

Once done, your next Purchase Orders or Invoices will be transferred to QuickBooks.