1. Required 2FA

Some of our clients wanted to enable a required 2FA for all of their employees and be able to control colleagues. 

We added such a checkmark in Configuration.

2. New types of exchange rate

We used to provide one exchange rate for our users, but now we decided to improve this feature. Now the user can choose:

Fixed exchange rate - exchange rates of the company. The user adds it once to Precoro and then it will be used in all documents.

Manual exchange rate - exchange rate of the company. The user adds it every time when creating a document.

Auto currency exchange rate - automatic exchange rate that we provided before.

3. Custom reports improvements

  • We will add new fields to PR Custom report :

PR Total

Company currency

(only if the company has pricing in PR enabled)

  • We will move the Exchange rate field from Item data to General Data

  • We will rename fields to Item data:

Tax Total--> Item Tax Total

Gross Total --> Item Gross Total 

Total--> Item Total

  • We will add new supplier details to all custom reports



Postal code




ABA Routing Number