Bigger companies typically require customized and/or separated purchasing processes.

In Precoro, you can effectively manage the procurement process for different branches and subsidiaries simultaneously. 

3 steps to set up multiple companies control & access:

  1. Define your requirements:
    - how many companies are there?
    - what are the companies' names?
    - what are their main currencies?
    - who is the administrator for every company?

  2. Contact your Customer Success Manager and ask them to set up multi-company access according to your requirements.

  3. Establishing multiple companies can take up to one week.

After setting up, all administrators will have access to multiple companies and can switch between companies.

This is how it works:

Now administrators of each company can make configurations.

Please note that the settings are individualized for each of the companies:

  • Locations
  • Suppliers
  • Products
  • Categories, Product Groups, Units
  • Document cost centers or Cost centers

You are not able to share or transfer these settings automatically to another company.