New rules for DCC in Approval workflow:

1. Now, if you want to add DCC to approval workflow, just use the new checkbox for DCC - Available in Approval Workflow. This will help to hide the unnecessary DCC from the approval chain.

2. You can edit DCC if document status is set to In revision. 

To edit DCC in document use Edit Requisition/Purchase Order/Invoice buttons.

3. You can’t edit DCC 

  • If you already have Receipts or Invoices
  • If a document has a Pending status.

See Received items in Purchase Request

Your colleagues have ordered products with Precoro and wait for their delivery. We thought that it would be convenient for them to monitor the status of the order and see received items directly in Purchase Request. Now they have the opportunity to do so! 

We hope this will improve their experience with Precoro.

Updated Purchase Request, Purchase Order and Invoice custom reports

We try hard to help our clients create the most detailed reports and analyze the maximum amount of data about their processes. So in this release, we will improve several custom reports:

Purchase Request Custom report: now you can add information about

  • Ordered Items

  • Received Items

  • Rejected Items

Purchase Order Custom report: now you can add information about 

  • Purchase Order currency

Invoice Custom report: now you can add information about 

  • Invoice currency