Two-factor authentication helps protect your Precoro account from hackers and identity theft.

In this case, two factors are used for entry:

What only you know your password.

What only you have your phone.

To enable two-factor authentication:

- Go to Profile settings and select Two-factor authentication

- Download the Google Authenticator app to your phone.

iPhone | Android  

- Scan the QR code from the authentication page using Google Authenticator

- Google Authenticator will generate a dynamic 6-digit code for you

- Enter the code on the authentication page


Congratulations, you have enabled two-factor authentication. You are now protected from hackers :)

Do not remove Google Authenticator from your phone!

Now every time you log in to Precoro you will need:

- To enter login and password

- Go to Google Authenticator on your phone and enter a dynamic 6-digit code from there.

To turn off two-factor authentication:

- Go to Profile settings and select TWO-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION