Two-factor authentication helps protect your Precoro account from hackers and identity theft.

In this context, two factors are used for entry:

What only you know your password.

What only you have your phone.


To Activate two-factor authentication, you should:

1. Go to Profile settings and select Two-factor authentication:

How to enable two-factor authentication:

2. Press the Turn On button to set up two-factor authentication Enable the two - factor authentication

3. Choose an application that you want to use and press the Next buttonYou can choose Authy or Google Authenticator for your 2FA
Note, that the Authy application allows you to restore the account if necessary (Google Authenticator does not have such a function)

Do not remove Google Authenticator from your phone!

4. Scan the QR code from the authentication page using the authentication application.Install the app and scan the QR code If you cannot use the QR code, please, enter the secret code in the application manually and press the Next button.

5. The application will generate a dynamic 6-digit code for you.

6. Enter the code on the authentication page.

6. Press the Confirm button.

Congratulations, you have activated two-factor authentication

Now every time you log into Precoro, you will need to:

  • Enter your unique login and password.
  • Go to the authentication application on your phone and enter a dynamic 6-digit code from there.

To turn off the two-factor authentication, please follow the instruction below:

1. Go to Profile settings and select Two-factor authentication.

2. Press the Turn Off button

How to turn off the two-factor authentication:

How to change an authentication application

You can change an authentication application at any time but you will

need to turn off the two-factor authentication and configure it again.

How to restore an account in the authentication application

1. Google Authenticator

If you lost access to your Google Authenticator account (for example, if your phone was lost or stolen):

  • Contact your CSM manager or get in touch with us via online chat;
  • We will ask an admin at your company to approve this request;
  • If the request is approved — we will reset the two-factor authentication in your account;
  • You will then be able to log in to Precoro without two-factor authentication and set it up again.

2. Authy

Please follow this article to read how to restore an Authy account.

Required two-factor authentication

To activate two-factor authentication for all current & future employeesfollow these steps to enable the required two-factor authentication for your company:

1. Open Configuration —> Account Settings

2. Check the box "Required two-factor authentication" —> press the Update button.

You can  choose Required two-factor authentication for all users in the company

3. After establishing this setting, your employees who haven't yet enabled two-factor authentication will get warning notices. Any of their clicks in Precoro will lead to the two-factor authentication settings page. They will have to enable it and won't be able to disable it. 

This process will work automatically for any new employees of your company.