Get ready for important features in October.

Better Request for Proposal:

— Soon you will be able to select more than one supplier in the Request for Proposal or even approve a supplier for each product in the order. This will help you choose only the best deals and save money.

— Your suppliers will be able to reject goods from Request for Proposal that they don’t have in stock аnd also edit items to offer you a replacement.

Improved Invoice from PO:

— The ability to reject goods for suppliers. They will be able to do it in the supplier's portal, and you from your side will be able to do it in the Invoice.

This will simplify your life when the supplier replaces products and the previous product should be completely rejected. Or when the supplier brings 9 kilos of bananas instead of 10 kilos and 1 should be rejected.

— As soon as you create an invoice, you'll be able to find out if the goods have been received - we will add column Received / Waiting in Invoice creating page.

— Improved Po with Invoice matching page. For each item, you will see % TR and % price change.

We hope that these features will improve your workflow and experience with Precoro.