1. International bank details of the legal entity and supplier

Companies from different countries use different bank details, which should be displayed in the PO and Invoice. Our customers requested this and so we have added  fields such as: 

  • EIN/TIN/Tax ID/VAT number - Type in the tax (or other) number if you'd like  it to show up  on purchase orders and invoices,
  • IBAN - The International Bank Account Number,
  • ABA Routing Number - The American Bankers Association Number (consists of 9 digits),
  • SWIFT / BIC Code - A SWIFT Code consists of 8 or 11 characters, both numbers and letters e.g. RFXLGB2L,
  • IFSC Code - Indian Financial System Code, which is a unique 11-digit code that identifies the bank branch i.e. ICIC0001245

We also updated all the bank details and added tips to each field. Now Precoro becomes more clear and Legal entity and Supplier pages correspond to the international format of bank details.

2. Pending actions reminders 

Sometimes our users forget to approve documents or send POs to the supplier. 

We want to help you make purchases faster. So we will remind you every week about all the pending actions via email. 

Of course, if you don't want to get any reminders you can turn off it in the Email preferences

3. SSO

Single Sign-on allows the System Administrator within your organization to manage all logins across all applications from one secure platform. This ensures that applications can only be accessed if configured properly, thus giving you the confidence that your company's private information is always safe.

Here is the knowledge base article