Detailed matching table on PO page

If prices of items change in the Invoice, you have to carefully track them and see all changes on one page. Now you can do it on the PO page itself! We've  created a detailed matching table with DCC and CC from the Invoice. Now this process under total control.

Budget functions for users with configuration role

We understand how important budgets are to our users and we continuously work to make them better. So now users with the configuration role have more functions related to the budget:

  • ability to edit budgets

  • ability to change budget holder if they created this budget.

Comfortable approval in emails

By using Precoro, users can approve documents already from emails. But to do this approvers have to know the budget name, available budget sum and DCC (department/project) of the document. We add this information to all emails about documents, so now the approval from email will be more correct and comfortable.

Approval tips

To make our users better understand the details of the approval process, we’ve added small tips to all approval roles (PO, Invoice, PR, WR, RFP, Receipt Approval):

“This role enables the following:

  • view all the documents, created by other users within the available locations

  • set up user as an approver” 

in User management.