1. Custom PR and and Receipt reports

Great announcement! We made custom PR and Receipt reports and finish our work with custom reports for different Precoro documents. Now Precoro gives you the opportunity to create:

  • A custom PO report, 
  • A custom Invoice report,
  • A custom Budget report,
  • A custom PR report, 
  • A custom Receipt report.

We are happy to save your time and help get reporting done in just a couple of minutes. 

  1. Improved budget selection in documents

If you have a lot of project/departments - then naturally you have a lot of budgets. Every time you are selecting a budget in PO or an Invoice you have to spend time to find budget that you need. But we've improved that! Now you can choose the budget very quickly: from the dropdown list or use the search bar. This is a small but very important featureslightly smiling face