1. Create multiple Invoices for one product of the PO 

This happens when a supplier:

  • makes multiple deliveries 
  • doesn't have some quantity of goods and a part will be delivered later. 

In this case, the supplier will provide you with two or more invoices for one product. You can change the quantity of goods in the invoice and pay only for part of the order. And pay the other part of the order with another invoice.

2. See Invoices and Receipts progress bar in PO page

Now our users can track statuses of Invoices and Receipts on the PO page and have quick access to them. New columns gives a clear understanding of how many goods are received and how many are invoiced.

3. Reject items in PO

If you didn't receive some items and the supplier isn't going to bring them — you can reject these items in PO and after that close the PO. 

4. See rejected items in PR

If you've made a PO from PR and the supplier didn’t bring some items to you, you can reject them in PO.

Rejected items will be shown in PR in a column.

5. Finish your Receipts and Invoices

Goods which are already added to one Receipt / Invoice, should be confirmed. You can't reuse them in the new documents. 

Keep track of your open receipts and invoices and confirm them.

6. Custom reports that save a lot of time

When you work with procurement and spend the company’s money, reporting it's a part of your routine. Previously, our users upload standard reports from Precoro and spent a lot of time removing unnecessary data from them. 

Now we have solved this problem - you can create a custom PO report in Precoro with the exact data you need. 

You can save a template of the report. That’s why reporting will take only a couple of minutes.

Also, we’ve improved the filters in reports, so this process going to be more comfortable.