It is important to set off on the right foot when working with your suppliers. Precoro can help you build a clear understanding of cooperation conditions while you store and manage all the contracts in one place to avoid any issues with delivery or service in advance.


Contract management in Precoro will help you with the following:

  • understanding the scope of the procurement agreement and time frames;

  • allowing you to create a PO under a contract with the supplier;

  • reminding the supplier of their obligations;

  • providing you with quick access to the contracts stored online in Precoro instead of a folder filled with documents on your computer.


How to enable Contracts in Precoro

To start working with the Contract module in Precoro, go to the “Configuration” section, open the “Basic Settings,” and go to the “MISC” tab. Then, activate the Contract feature by ticking the appropriate box to access the contract management.

In order to save the settings, press the “Update” button below.

How to add a new Contract 

1. To add a contract, open the “Suppliers and Items” section and choose the “Contract Management” option:


2. Click on the “Add contract” button in the top right corner to create a new document:

3. Enter the relevant information in all the required fields: 

  • Supplier* — choose the name of the previously created supplier — more information on how to add a supplier you can find here.

  • Legal Entity* — choose from the list of the available legal entities — more information on how to create and use a new legal entity you may receive here

  • Contact number* — you can adapt the filter in Precoro based on the number. That will help you find the necessary document through the whole database in seconds.

  • Start/Expiration dates* — enter the negotiated duration of this particular contract.

  • Note — put in any additional important information.

  • Extendable contract — specify whether you would like to prolong the contract automatically.

4. Press the Add attachments button to upload files into the contract.

You can upload pdf, images, msg, word, or excel types of documents or scans from your computer directly into the contract. Consider that not more than five files can be uploaded at a time.

5. After entering the information, click the “Create” button below to save the new contract. 

How to manually deactivate Contracts

Also, there is a possibility to deactivate the contract in editing mode manually. If the contract is active, you can see the green light next to the “Active” field. To make a deactivation, press the green button so that it would turn gray.


When using filters, you can sort out the active or not active contracts.  

In which documents you can insert Contracts

In Precoro, you can use the contracts when creating the:

  • PO (Purchase Order)

  • Invoice

In which documents the Contracts are going to be displayed

Having the Contract information directly in the document will provide more information on the Supplier's cooperating conditions and aid with controlling the Contract's expiration date.

You will see the Contract information in the Purchase Order and Invoice documents. 

When working with the documents, you will see the following Contract information:

  • Contract number.
  • Contract validity dates.

Managing the Contracts with Reports

To save time and always be in the loop, use the preconfigured Report, which will search the system and give you the complete information on the contracts which exist in Precoro.


To use the “Report,” go to this section and choose the “Contracts Revision History Report,” which will provide fresh information on the selected time period.

To make a report, input the Revision date and the Reviser. Afterward, click on “Run Report,” and you will receive an xlsx file to work with further. 

Please note that by default, the Reviser field is set to all users, but you can change that setting by choosing needed Reviser from the drop-down list.

Precoro will keep you updated with the current contract time frames. If you wish to receive email notifications on “Expiring Contracts,” go to the “Email Preferences” and check that box.