Precoro makes your purchasing process as simple as possible. To do this, in the next quarter we will improve several important functions and save you a lot of time and nerves. We share the good news in advance:


1. Flexible approval process


We analyzed the approval processes that already work in Precoro and collected requests. In doing so, we’ve drawn two important conclusions — our approval process lacks flexibility and more precise limits.

 We understand how important it is for you to be able to repeat the process that you already have in Precoro. It can be very challenging to change processes, especially when many people are involved. 

Therefore,  Precoro will soon add the following to the approval process:


— Set a limit for approval for departments 

For example, at Precoro, we use our product to track budgets and approve costs. The departments that spend the most money are Marketing and Product. We must control the costs of marketing. The budget for advertising ends very fast :) Therefore, the limit for the approval of such costs starts from $ 50. The cost of the product is fixed and it makes no sense to argue constantly. But sometimes there are unexpected costs, such as a new laptop. Therefore, the limit for approval of product costs starts from $ 1000. 

— Specify a specific amount range for approval 

If more than 5 people participate in the approval process, then the approval limits are often divided by the level of responsibility. For example:

 - Costs from $ 500 to $ 1000 may be approved by the head of the department 

- Costs from $ 10,000 to $ 100,000 already require approval from the financial department to confirm that at the right moment such amounts of money will be in reserve.

 - And the costs of more than $ 100,000 should already be approved by the CEO 

 And in order for each type of costs to choose the right person responsible for approval, it is necessary to set such limits. Now our customers are faced with the fact that the head of the department can only approve costs with a limit of up to $ 1000, that is, they will receive expenses for the amount of $ 400 and $ 20 for approval. And this is not required. Therefore, we added the ability to set the exact limits that are required. We’ve done this in order to further save you time and to not approve unnecessary orders. 

— View the approval chain for a particular department or location 

Most of all, the approval process helps those companies that have a large staff of people. And if you clearly define the approval process, then no cost will go missing and the company’s money will be safe. But if there are too many conditions, then among the settings it is difficult to figure out and understand who will approve orders for a specific location and department. Our CSM team is always ready to help you, but in this case, even they maynot able to disassemble the 20 approving users, taking into account all the necessary conditions. Therefore, we decided to add the ability to view the approval chain based on the department or location. 

2. Improved order tracking 

We noticed that the warehouse staff did not complete the receipt, drop them, then duplicate them again and drop them again. As a result, the order initiator is difficult to understand the status of the receipt and what goods are delivered. 

We decided to change this process:

- responsible users for creating Receipts will no longer be able to double the Receipts 

- and in emails we will remind you of our work in progress

3. The ability to save your report in the view that you submit to the financial department  

One of the advantages of managing costs online is the ability to quickly get analytics and understand how much and where you spent the money. Precoro gives you this opportunity. But users spend a lot of time removing unnecessary data from unloading. 

Or if you have set up import to QuickBooks, Xero or any other tool, then you want this report to never change. Because otherwise import will have to be redone.

Since our goal is to save time on purchases for our customers and give them a transparent online process, we decided to take care of the reports ourself. And now we make it possible to independently create the report you need and download it at any time. You can make your custom report on orders, invoices and purchase requests. 

4. Detailed Analytics of Your PR

For several months, Precoro has visual analytics. We have received very good feedback from customers on this feature. Now just by opening the dashboards you immediately see how much is spent in the current month. And if you want, you can even go further and understand your costs for other periods.

We’ve also decided to replace the analytics table of purchase requests on the same schedule.

5. The ability to take into account discounts on large orders in Precoro

When you order a lot of goods from your supplier, you can often get a discount due to the quantity. Previously, Precoro had no such functionality and we received many requests for it. Therefore, now you can enter discounts for large orders in Precoro and track your spending more closely.

6. Recurring Orders and Invoices

Every month, our customers order water, pay for subscriptions to services and make other regular orders. We want to save you time at the expense of such routine work, so we are working on recurring Orders and Invoices.

7. SSO via PingIdentity

We know that there are companies that use single sign-on technology using the Ping Identity service, so that their employees can have access to all the necessary tools for work with just one authorization. Therefore, we decided to create an integration and connect Precoro to the Ping Identity user management system.

8. New appearance of documents PO and Invoice

We received feedback from clients about the inaccurate appearance of our documents, so we will work on this.

9. Reminders of unfinished actions

We have noticed that some Precoro users throw their open documents halfway, do not confirm, do not pay, do not match them. This creates chaos in their procurement system, interferes with the process of adding goods to the Receipts and Invoices. We love to maintain order in procurement, so we will remind more about your unfinished actions.

10. Multiple invoices for one product of the PO 


This happens when a supplier:

- makes multiple deliveries  

- does not have some quantity of goods and a part will be delivered later. 

 In this case, the supplier will provide you with two or more invoices for one product.  

Previously, Precoro couldn't create multiple invoices for a single product in PO, but now we will cover this process.