This feature will be useful for you if your company's documentation requires a specific numbering, different from that one you got in Precoro.

We can display these values in your custom document numbering:

  • custom text - e.g. PO0001, where PO is your custom text and 0001 is the ID of your document
  • creation date of the document e.g. MMDDYYYY-0001, where MMDDYYYY is a document's creation date and 0001 is the ID of your document
  • department or project name or code - e.g. 9320001 or Marketing0001, where 932 is your department or project code, Marketing is the department name and 0001 is the ID of your document
  • location name or code - e.g. Main Office0001 or 1110001, where Main Office is the location name, 111 is the location code and 0001 is the ID of your document


  • If you need to start custom number from 1 each year, you should have a year within your custom number. Example PO190001

                PO is a custom text 

                90001 is a sequential number

  • In this case, we'll set a sequential number of the document as 190001 and next year we would change it for the 200001

  • For symbols in custom numbering, e.g. "/" or any other symbols. We recommend using only "-"

  • For other symbols your browser will display them as "-"


What it looks like:

  • In Precoro

  • In your pdf/xlsx documents

  • In the emails sent to suppliers

  • In the internal emails


If you want to turn on this feature for your company, let us know via your CS-manager or via our chat.