Does your company utilize standardized document numbering and wish to replicate it in Precoro?

This feature is available for the following documents:

Warehouse request

Purchase requisition

Purchase order



This is how it works:

Below are the items customized numbering can contain:

  • custom text (e.g., your company abbr.);
  • document creation date (e.g., MMDDYYY format);
  • department/project name or code or any other select-option you need to drag from the Custom Fields for Documents;
  • location name or code;
  • supplier's unique code;
  • symbol (for instance, "-");
  • sequential number.

This is how it looks:

  • Precoro

  • PDF/XLSX document

  • This is how an email sent to the supplier looks.

  • Internal email

Our custom numbering PO01400026 consists of:

PO - the custom text,

01 - the location code,

40 - the project number,

0026 - the sequential number.

Can the numbering be reset?


- reset once per year;

- reset once you reached a particular quantity of documents.

In this case, we need to add a year or the reset number in the custom numbering.

- PO201234 at the beginning of 2021 will start like PO210001

- PO01234 will start like PO10001 when reached the max out of the 9999

Please share the situation with your Customer Success Manager or Support Team, and we will be glad to help you. 

Can the numbering be the same for the PR and PO, for example?

No, each document type has a unique numbering. 

Can we have a different sequential numbering for various projects, locations, legal entities?

No, we don't have this possibility, but we recommend you discuss the case with your Customer Success Manager.  

How to enable this feature?

Usually, we enable it from the backend side and it could take up to 2 weeks; therefore, we recommend alerting our Team as early as possible. 

*Note that the custom numbering feature will be enabled only for your future documents. All of your old records will maintain the initial standard numbering.

1. Advise us on which documents the customized numbering should be set. 

2. Put the structure of the numbering you need, explaining what each part means. 

Also, include the number of digits which depends on the planned number of documents.

3. Do you want to start from 0 or continue the sequential numbering you have?

4. When do you need to reset the numbering?

5. Send the requirements to your Customer Success Manager or Support Team. 

6. Receive a deadline for implementation completion.