In order to track the status of a receipt, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the left-side menu and open the Receipt module.
There you will see the list of already created receipts. Each of them has status on the left side collected under the column "Status." 

The statuses you might see:

Received - you have received your items. This status appears once you create a Receipt.

Draft - the Receipt was created but not submitted yet. Your Receipt might have this status if it requires any attachments to be added before submitting it or if it is an old receipt.

Pending - your Receipt is waiting for approval by the responsible manager.

Rejected - the Receipt was not approved by one of the approvers in the approval flow. 

In Revision - a reviser (Receipt's initiator or approver) is editing the document.

Canceled - Receipt's initiator/approver revoked it.

2. To look at receipts with a specific status only, please, use the "Show filters" function. Then, select the relevant status and hit "Filter."

Also, look to the Purchase Order itself to understand whether or not the Purchase Order was fully received.

Generally, it could be received / partly received / not received.