Once adding Department/Project as a Document Cost Center (DCC), the right settings should be made.
Below are definitions which will help you set your DCC:


1. Select

If you set this type, you will be able to create and save Departments/Projects options and while creating a document you will select a necessary option from the list of options which you created. 

Here is an example of how Departments options:

2. Text

If you set this type, each time while creating a document you will need to type a custom text.

3. Date

If you set this type, you will insert a certain date each time creating a document.

Here is the example of Select (#1), Text (#2) and Date (#3) DCC types in the Purchase Order:

ENABLE - DCC is enabled, when the switch is off, it's disabled. You don't assign documents to this DCC anymore.

REQUIRED- when it's on, it means that this DCC is required to be assigned while making a document. You won't be able to create a document without assigning it to a certain DCC. When the switch is off, this field will appear once creating a document, but it won't be abligatory.

Show in Excel & PDF documents- means that this particular DCC will be displayed on the document when downloding it in XLSX or PDF formats.

Available in Approval Worflow-means that this DCC will be available in the Approval Workflow, thus you can set the access for each user to this DCC. 

Limit access to documents - if this switch is on, *the users without this DCC available can't work with the documents which were assigned to this DCC even if these users have approval role. Available DCC are set in the User Management tab