A Blanket Purchase Order is an agreement between an organization and a supplier to deliver goods or services at a predetermined price on a recurring basis for a specified period (typically one year).

The primary purpose of the Blanket Purchase Order is to reduce administrative costs when posting regularly and when agreeing to purchase services/goods.

When to use a Blanket Purchase Order:

  • When making repetitive and pre-specified purchases from the same supplier within a specific time frame  (typically one year).
  • When ordering standardized products or services that require numerous shipments.

When not to use a Blanket Purchase Order

  • When the price is unknown at the time of purchasing.
  • When the price is subject to change without notice.
  • When the supplier can change ordered items without notice.

Here is the workflow of the Blanket Purchase Order:

To turn on/off the Blanket Purchase Order:

To create the Blanket Purchase Order:

NB: you can create either Blanket PO per Total or Blanket PO per Items

To find more details on how to create Blanket PO per Total, please, follow this link

The Blanket PO additional fields:

  • 'Validity period' – the period when the Blanket PO is active and available for Invoice posting 
  • 'First delivery date' – the date when the Supplier should start the deliveries
  • 'Amount of the deliveries' – the number of goods you expect delivered
  • Tick box "Non-stock items": the received items from this PO will not affect the stock balance. It appears only if you use the Inventory module. 

To create an Invoice for the Blanket PO:

All posted Invoices are calculated in the Blanket PO.

You can see the available amount for the Invoice posting on the  Blanket PO page.


To create a Receipt for the Blanket PO:

The process is similar to Invoice creation.

Navigate to the Receipt page* and find the Create Receipt button.

*Note that you should have a Receipt role to be able to create a receipt.

 To create a Receipt for the Blanket PO:

All the receipts are shown in the item table.

When all the items are received, the Purchase Order status regarding delivery changes to received.

To view all Blanket Purchase Orders:

Filter them by using the Purchase Order Type filter.

You can view all Blanket Purchase Orders via filter