Q: How can I reset my password?

A: On Precoro's main page, go to Login -> Forgot password? Enter your email, check your mailbox, and click on the link in the email to reset your password.

Q: How can I edit a user's email?

A: You can't edit someone else's email, so you need to request that the respective user goes to Profile Settings -> change the email there -> click Update to save changes.

Q: I receive the following notification when I try to invite a new user to Precoro: "[email protected]e.com already used in Precoro. Please enter another email." What should I do? 

A: Check to see if there is a user with the same email in your account. Open the User Management and use a filter, type the respective user's email and for the "Enable" value choose "-------" (it means all) and search for the required user profile. If the account was disabled, then enable it.

Q: I receive an error that mentions "CSRF Token" while trying to log in. What should I do? 

A: You need to reload the page and try to log in to the system again.

Q: How can I upload a logo to Precoro?

A: Open ConfigurationBasic Settings → in the Information tab click the Change Logo button → download the file → press Update to save changes.


Q: How to delete the user from the approval step?

A: Go to Configuration -> Approval Workflow, then click on the user's email and push the Delete button.


Q: How to change the user's roles?

A: Go to Configuration -> User Management and click on the Edit button opposite the user's name. On this page, you can change the user's info, roles, etc.

Q: How do I delete a user?

A: Go to Configuration --> User Management --> find the user you wish to delete --> click the Edit button --> Disable* the user (a switcher should be grey and show "OFF") --> Update.

*When you disable an existing user, a notification suggests that Precoro will remove all docs with the Open status," but, not to worry, Precoro isn't going to remove all the docs. Precoro only removes drafts that the user created. Anything pending/approved/completed remains with no changes. 

Q: How to disable the user's profile from my company?

A: Go to Configuration -> User Management and click on the Edit button opposite the user's name, then switch off the Enable option and click the Update button to confirm changes. The respective user's account is now disabled. 

Q: I can't see a document. How to sort this out?

A: To see documents in Precoro, make sure that in User Management you have the roles that grant access to the locations and departments/projects vis-a-vis documents. 

To view any documents from other creators, you must have an Approval role for these docs but this doesn't mean that the user becomes an Approver automatically. The Approver role just grants access to any docs of a certain location, department and makes it is possible to insert the respective user into the approval flow... but this not required.

Q: If a user has left your company, but there is still an active/open document associated with this user, what should be done with this document?

A: We can reassign this document to the respective User who has now become responsible for it, so he/she'll be able to make changes, confirm or cancel the document.

For that, you need to contact the Precoro support team and send the replacement user’s email (the user who is now responsible for the current document instead of the previous one) and the number of the document which should be reassigned.

Q: How to import products to the catalog?

A: Open Supplier Management -> Catalog Management -> Import Products -> download the template -> fill in all the required info -> save the file and upload it to Precoro.

Q: How can I delete an item from the catalog?

A: You can delete an item from the Catalog if it hasn’t been used in the documents yet. For that: go to Supplier ManagementCatalog Management → press the Red Bin icon which is opposite to the product → Confirm.

If an item has already been used, you may hide it, so it won’t be visible in the catalog anymore* and it won’t be available to the documents. To hide an item: open Supplier ManagementCatalog Management → press Edit the product in the Catalog → tick the box "Hidden" → Save.

*If necessary, you may find the hidden item by using the filter ‘Hidden’ (it’s the only way to see it). 

Q: How can I order a specific product which I can't find in the catalog?

A: Go to Supplier Management -> Catalog Management, click on the Add Product button and add some information about the product - at a minimum the information needed is the item name and SKU (you can get it by contacting your supplier). If you have ordered it once but you don't want it to be in your catalog, add a product to your PR/PO via Add Empty Row (find this button on the bottom of the document's page).

Q: How to hide items from a catalog in bulk? 

A: Go to Supplier Management -> Catalog Management -> press Update Products and download the file by Category (select the one you need) or the Supplier -> open the file, find items you want to hide and in the column Hidden enter 0 instead of 1 for them -> save the file and upload it back to Precoro.

Q: I have two identical items in the catalog. Will I be able to edit invoices that have already been generated and receipts if I remove one of the identical items? 

A: The only way to edit an item if an Invoice and Receipt have already been generated is to cancel these documents, and then edit the item in the respective PO, confirm it, and then create a new Invoice and Receipt for it.

After you make any necessary corrections by changing out items for another one, you can then disable the wrong item in the catalog by marking it as Hidden, so it won't be available anymore.

Q: Can I can export the list of suppliers or product catalog?

A: Yes, for that you need to download a catalog by category or by the supplier. To do it: Open Supplier ManagementCatalog Management → press Update Products and download the file by Category (select the one you need) or the Supplier.

Q: How can I add a vendor?

A: Open Supplier Management -> Manage Suppliers -> press Add Supplier -> add all required info -> Create.

Q: How to import suppliers in bulk?

A: Open Supplier Management -> Manage Suppliers -> Import Suppliers -> download the template -> enter all the required info -> save the file and upload it to Precoro.


Q: How do I delete a Purchase Requisition?

A: If you are the creator of the purchase requisition you should see a 'Delete' button if the status is Open. 

Once a purchase requisition is Confirmed - there is no way to delete the purchase requisition, only to cancel it.

Q: How to delete a Purchase Order?

A: You can delete your PO only while it is in the Open status. Once the PO is confirmed, it cannot be deleted - it can only be canceled. Your canceled orders will remain on the list of your POs so you could repeat them at any time.

Q: How to delete an item from a Purchase Order?

A: To delete* an item from a PO: click the Revise button --> find the Remove button and click it --> Remove? - Yes.

*Please note, that you can delete or edit items only if there are no related documents created (receipts and invoices).

Q: How can I cancel a confirmed PO?

A: To cancel a PO that has been confirmed you need to cancel payments for the current PO first --> cancel related Invoices and then cancel related Receipts --> now you can cancel a PO.

Q: If I have made a mistake while creating a PO, can I edit the PO? Or do I need to delete the entire PO?

A: If you need to edit info regarding an item, there is no need to delete the entire PO, you may make changes by first clicking Revise. And then make any necessary revisions.

Q: I pressed Revise a PO by accident. What should I do to go back?

A: Just click a Confirm button. 

But understand that the PO will be sent for approval again, even if it's already approved. So just leave a short comment for the Approvers that PO was mistakenly sent for approval but to be sure, there are no changes.

Q: How can I change a location in a PO?

A: The easiest way to change a location is to cancel your previous PO and to create a new one by clicking on the "Repeat" button on the right side of the PO. This will allow you to save all the products, and you will still be able to choose a new location and Document Cost Centers.

Q: How to create a budget for a specific location?

A: Go to Budgets -> Create -> enter your new budget's data, and specify the location of this budget on the right side of the screen.

Q: Is it necessary to assign budgets to POs?

A: No, if you would like to create your POs without budgets, you can disable this requirement. Go to Configuration -> Basic Settings -> Budgets and turn off the Required Budgets option.

Q: I don’t see a report with the necessary fields for me in Reports by Precoro. What can I do?

A: You may create a Custom report: put the name to the report --> select the Type of the document --> select all the columns you need to see in the report (you can also use the Search field).

Q: I have created the wrong Custom field for products or Custom field for documents. How can I delete it?

A: If you have created the wrong Custom field for products/documents, you need just to disable it. 

For that: go to Configuration --> Custom field for documents --> select the CFD you want to delete --> disable it (move the switcher, it should be grey and show "OFF").

In this case, it won't be visible anymore and won't be available in documents. 

Though it will still be in Precoro (but not available anymore), so if needed you may find them using a filter (in case you need to reactivate one, for instance). 

Q: How do I delete an option in Cost Center/Document Cost Center?

A: CFP you can mark an active and this option will be not able.

For CFD, the only way to delete it is to reach our support team. They’ll ask the backend team to delete it. But we are working on a feature that enables our customers to delete it on their own.

Q: Why can't I delete a Custom field for documents?

A: You may not be able to disable the CFD if it is added to an Approval Workflow. To change that you need:
1) to approve all the pending docs;
2) once everything is approved, edit every approver in all the approval flows and uncheck the DCC there;
3) once the CFD is not used anywhere in the approval flow, disable it in Custom field for Documents section in Configuration.

Q: Some Custom fields for products don’t display in the document, the column is empty. How can that be if it was set to be shown?

A: That might be the cache that causes this. We suggest reloading the page if CFP doesn't display and if this doesn't help, to clear the cache in your browser.

Q: Where can I add the discount % to the products?

A: Open the document --> Press Edit --> go to Discount column --> enter the discount you need --> save the discount --> save editing.

Q: Can I add a discount to the whole document?

A: Yes, you can. Firstly, check if the discount feature is activated. For that: go to ConfigurationBasic Settings → MISC → find Discounts box and if it’s not ticked - tick it → Update. 

Then open the document which is to be discounted → click “+” to add a discount field → enter the discount name and the amount in % →  Save changes → press Confirm.

Once done, Precoro will automatically calculate the discounts before taxes and show the total discount sum per item and document.

Q: How to do a Credit Note?

A: To create a Credit Note, you need to find a particular Invoice in Precoro and press Create Credit Note → choose the items you want to add to the Credit Note and select the payment date and the issue date → put the notes if necessary and press Create.

Now you can edit the info about your items and when done, press Confirm.

Q: How does a supplier submit an RFP following the email invitation?

A: To submit a proposal, a supplier should follow these steps:

1) Use the Edit button to provide your price for each item

2) Specify the estimated delivery date

3) Attach any necessary files or notes

4) After all prices have been provided, submit your proposal by pressing Confirm

Q: Why was the order not delivered on time?

A: Please clarify this information with the supplier. If your supplier is using the Suppliers Portal, you may leave a comment for the supplier directly in your order. If not - contact him using the contacts listed on the supplier's card.

Q: Is there a mobile version of Precoro?

A: Precoro is optimized for mobile devices, so you can easily use it via browsers on your smartphone or tablet. Also, you can approve the documents in email notifications. But there's no mobile app for Android or iOS now...it is in the road map