Want to integrate your app with Precoro? If so, you can do it with our API.

Here is our API documentation.

1. What is an API?

An API is a tool that lets your developers access your data in an automated way and thus integrate the tools between each other.

2. How it can help you?

With an API you can solve the following  problems:

  • Procurement and accounting are not working together. There is a lot of duplicated work and manual entries, e.g., Invoices and Payments.
  • You should manually manage the catalog in two places.¬†
  • Procurement and inventory are not working together. There are two manual entries - Purchase Orders in Precoro and Receipts in the accounting system.

3. What you can do with Precoro API's:

  • Get all the approved Purchase Orders and then create them in the Accounting system with API.
  • Get all the approved Invoices and then save them in the Accounting system with API.
  • Get all the Receipts and save them in the Inventory system with API.
  • Get all the Suppliers, Contracts, Products, Categories, Units, Locations, Users, Legal Entities and use them with any tool you have in API.¬†

4. Ok, so what's next?

  • Define what processes you want to integrate.
  • Decide what tool you want to integrate.
  • Does it have an API?
  • If yes, find devs in your company or freelance devs and set the task for them*.
    *devs will ask you to show the process diagram, so we prepared a typical process diagram.
  • Share our API docs with devs and create access to Precoro for devs.
  • Wait until they finish the development.
  • Test a little bit. Check the documents created in your accounting from Precoro.