This article is for the user of the Suppliers Portal.

When the client sends you a Purchase Order you should invoice to him/her.

You'll get a notification when you have a new Purchase Order.

To create an Invoice follow these next steps:

  1. Open the PO page and press the info-card Create Invoice*. Open the PO.
    *over here the number of Invoices you should create.
  2. Press Create Invoice and edit the items if need be. Press Confirm.

Now the Invoice has been sent to the client and is awaiting approval because you've made some changes.

You will get a notification when the Invoice is approved.

While creating the Invoice you can make the following  changes:

  • Delete the item and invoice it later.
  • Reject the item in case you don't want to invoice it at all.
  • Add a new item
  • Replace the item with two actions - reject and add.¬†