This article explains how to set up Items Custom Fields.

Items Custom Fields are assigned to items and can be used in the documents and budgets. Usually, this is the list of Charts of Accounts/Cost Centers or other custom fields. 

Basically, the Chart of Accounts/Cost Center lists the names of the accounts that a company has identified and made available for recording transactions in its general ledger. They establish the level of details tracked in a record-keeping system. 

Typically, the Chart of Accounts/Cost Center contains the accounts’ names and identification codes.


How to create Charts of Accounts/Cost Centers:

  1. Navigate to the left side of the menu and choose Configuration Items Custom Fields
  2. Press the "Add" button to create a new Items Custom Field. Its Type should be a Drop-down list.
  3. Configure Basic Settings and select in which documents/modules of Precoro the particular Custom Field will be available by making the necessary tick-boxes active. 
  4. Add names for Chart of Accounts/Cost Centers to the name fields based on your needs. You can add up to 5 sub-levels to every option.
  5. You can also add codes to options but the code field is not mandatory.

  You can make your list of options hierarchical — if you have any sub-levels of your Chart of Accounts/Cost       Centers, use a hierarchy with up to 5 sub-levels.  

How to set up General Ledger or Chart of Accounts codes for Items

General Ledger codes are numerals used to designate a payable or receivable by type.

In order to track all purchases through all the codes, add an appropriate type of cost tracking - Drop-down list on the Items Custom Fields page

  1. Select where to use these codes (Items, Purchase Orders, etc.)
  2. Set up the field as required or not
  3. Add all values in lines or a hierarchy view. You can add options one by one using the "+Add Option button, or massively using the "Import Options" feature. 
    Please, check this article on how to import options to your Item Custom Field.

If you have a fixed catalog of items and services that you use, it would be beneficial to predefine the Chart of Accounts for items in the catalogPreselected codes will be settled for items in the documents (Purchase Order, Invoice, etc.)