To make sure you do not miss the time for the document's approval or reply to your colleague about the items added to Purchase Order, there are email notifications that cover all important functionality in Precoro. You will be notified about the approval decision of the document you have created, or about the cancelation of the document by your colleague, or comment left for you for discussion about the details, and many more.

This article will guide you through the email notifications Precoro users can set up for efficient communication and smooth workflow.

What types of email notifications does Precoro have?

All email notifications are divided into groups according to the document type they cover. You can set up the email notifications determined by the Precoro modules and roles available for you.

Each document type has a few general email notifications based on the main functionality.

  • The document is waiting for your approval - notification to an Approver regarding a document and the action needed: Approve or Reject the document at a certain stage of the configured approval workflow;
  • The document has been approved or rejected - notification to the Issuer of a document when its status has changed from Pending to Approved/Rejected;
  • The document has been revised or sent for revision - notification to the Issuer of the document that it was revised or sent for revision;
  • The document has been canceled - notification to the Issuer of the document that it was canceled.

Moreover, each document type has a number of unique email notifications. Some of these are

  • Purchase Requisition is ready for purchasing - notification to the Purchase Order's Issuer that some Purchase Requisitions were approved and are awaiting purchase.
  • The Invoice does not match the Purchase Order - notification to the Issuer of a Purchase Order regarding the mismatched Invoice and Purchase Order requiring approval for the changes.
  • Purchase Order is ready for Prepayment / Purchase Order has been prepaid - notifications to the users with access to Payment module about the prepayment status of the Purchase Order.
  • Invoice is ready for payment / Invoice has been paid - notifications to the users with access to Payment module about the payment status of the Invoice.
  • New comment - notification regarding a new comment (to be sent to all of the document's followers*).
  • New Purchase Order - notification to the Supplier that you sent a Purchase Order to him/her.
  • Emails regarding Request for Proposals  - notifications regarding a new RFP (to be sent to suppliers), submitted proposals (to be sent to Issuer), and the results of the RFP (to be sent to suppliers).
  • New Stock Transfer for Warehouse Request - notification to the Warehouse Request initiator in case there has been created a new Stock Transfer.

*By default, the document's followers within the process are the Issuer, the next Approver(s) (on Pending status), or all Approvers (on Approved status), and also the users who are added to the followers via @ in comments.

How to set up Email Preferences for your needs?

You can easily choose only notifications you would like to receive and turn off other unwanted emails.

1. Open the Email Preferences page by clicking on your username in the top-right corner of the screen and accessing it through the drop-down menu.

2. Each checkbox name corresponds to an email with the same name. Therefore, select the checkboxes in each block for those email notifications you would like to receive.

"Select all" will help you to receive all the emails available for you according to the active modules in your company and the roles available for you.

3. Press the Update button when ready to save the changes.

Please note that each Precoro user should set up the email notifications for them individually.