An approved Purchase Order is an important procurement artifact.

If the Purchase Order contains an error or notes from the Supplier, you can correct it or read the Supplier's notes.

1. Find the Purchase Order and press the Revise button;

The Purchase Order is available for Revision until it contains uninvoiced or unreceived items.

The initiator and approver of the Purchase Order can also edit documents when in the "Pending" or "Matching" status stage.

2. While revising the Purchase Order, you can edit items, and add or delete/reject something, change Delivery Date, Legal Entity, Documents Custom Fields (if they are not in the Approval Workflow), Terms of Payments, and Contracts;
You can edit quantities, prices, Chart of accounts for the item until you have uninvoiced and unreceived quantity. Once your item is fully received or invoiced, it will be blocked for editing.
If you didn't receive some items and the Supplier will not deliver them — you can reject them in PO.

3. Confirm the Purchase Order when you are ready. The Purchase Order will be sent for approval again;

Please note: 

  • If there were not any changes during revision — the document won't be sent for approval again.
  • Changes of Items Custom Fields will not trigger the re-approval of the document if the Budget or Budget Line remains the same;
  • Changes of Items Custom Fields will not trigger the re-approval if the document's budget does not include any Items Custom Fields;

4. Please note that you should resend the Purchase Order to the Supplier manually if required.*