Warehouse management in Precoro includes the following activities:

1. Stock balance management

2. Completing the Receives

3. Creating Stock Transfers

In this article we'll help you to manage the stock balance and completing the Receives.

The first you should add the start balance:

1. Choose the Warehouse and press Add Stock balance

2. Choose the supplier and download the template with all the products that he supplies.

If you want to add the balance by smaller part specify the category.

3. Open the file and fill out the last column. Save and upload it to Precoro.

Now you have some balance on your warehouse.

From time to time you should revise the stock balance and adjust it with "Update stock balance":

1. Choose the warehouse and press "Update the stock balance"

2. Press "Export" and you'll get all the available balance in the .xls file.

3. Fill out the last column, save and upload.

Too keep the balance in the order you should track not completed Receives.

It happens because your Procurement manager orders the product not from catalog. And so they can contains the mistakes in the SKU, Units or Names.

If you want to keep these items on the balance - associate it with the catalog item by pressing "Add product". If these products already used and do not tracked on the warehouse press "Remove".