Warehouse management in Precoro includes:

1. Adding and updating the stock balance

2. Creating Stock Transfers

3. Completing the Stock Transfers

In this article, you will learn:

How to add the stock balance


1. Select the Warehouse and press Add Stock balance

2. Follow the tips:
- Select the category or the supplier and download the template with all the products.

- Fill out the file with a stock balance. Please note that you need to fill in only the "NEW AMOUNTS" column with the number of products/items you have on stock.  

- Upload the file back to Precoro.

Now the stock balance is added to your warehouse.

How to update the stock balance:

From time to time, you should revise the stock balance and update it:

1. Choose the warehouse and press "Update Stock Balance".

2. Follow the tips:

- Download the file with your current stock balance.

Update the "NEW AMOUNTS" column values to reflect the correct number of products in stock.

- Save the file and upload it back to Precoro.

How to complete stock transfers for non-catalog items:

If you have a "Not Completed Stock Transfers" info-card in the Inventory module, it means that you ordered a non-catalog item and you posted it to the warehouse on the Receipt creation stage. Non-catalog items can not be posted to the warehouse. 

There are two ways to proceed with such items:

1. If you don't want to add the stock balance for the non-catalog item or if it was posted to the warehouse by mistake:

- press the info card "Not Completed Stock Transfers".

- and then press remove. 

2. If you want to add the stock balance for the non-catalog item:

- go to Catalog Management first and add an appropriate product to the catalog.

- go back to the Inventory module --> "Not Completed Stock Transfers" info card --> press ADD PRODUCT and match it with a catalog item.

Once it matches, you'll find that item in your warehouse list.