How to export data from Precoro?

All the company procurement data you can get from Purchase Order and Invoice unloading. These files contain all the data about purchased and billed items and related info, such as a location, initiator, approvers, create date and required date, cost centers, suppliers, eg. The format of these files is .xlsx. It means that you can import it into any accounting system you have.

To get these unloading, you should have a Report role.

 If you have this one, you will see the Reports icon on the left menu. 

  • Navigate to the Reports menu tab.
  • Select the Purchase Order or Invoice Report tab.
  • Set the filters to export the info you need and press the button Run Report.
  • Once you've got the Purchase Orders or Invoices list, press the button Export.

How to import this data to my QuickBooks account?

To create the right way of importing data into the QuickBooks account, use the Business Importer tool.

You can register a free account with your QuickBooks Desktop login.

After you have registered your Business Importer account, please check:

  • Both accounts in Precoro and QuickBooks should have the same main currency;
  • In your QB account, you should have Purchase Orders and/or Invoices features activated (they are not available in the trial version of QuickBooks, to turn it on, please ask the QuickBooks Desktop support);

When all is set, you can import the data:

  • Open the Business Importer account and press the Import tab.

  • Upload the Invoice unloading report file;
  • Set up the file for mapping of QuickBooks fields and Precoro file. It should look like this:

  • Once everything is set up, press the 'Start Import' button at the bottom of the page.
  • Usually, the import takes 5-10 minutes. Once it is finished, you will have the import status Finished.

To double-check the imported Invoices in QuickBooks:

Navigate to your QuickBooks account and select the Invoice or Purchase Order menu (it depends on what you have trying to import).

You will see some new Invoices or Orders in this tab.

If no, check the import status in Business Importer again.


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