Precoro is happy to announce March release, that includes a brand new module - Inventory. 

We are also adding Taxes input to Purchase Orders and Bills in clients' account as well as in the account of Suppliers Portal. Another update is an improved Delivery note that might be downloaded in the PDF or XLS version.

So, let's regard all these changes step by step. 

1. Inventory

Inventory is a new functionality that allows you to track and calculate accounting leftovers in Precoro. This workflow would complete the process of Receive Request and Receive creation and is amended by the Delivery of Goods process. Here you can create warehouse, add and update stock leftovers and move goods from warehouses to locations and vice versa.  

You can find out more information about Inventory setting up and usage here

2. Taxes

In this release, we are adding Taxes functionality for Purchase Orders and Bills. Now you can add Taxes that must be included to Purchase Orders in the configuration page or add them straight in the Purchase order or Bill creation page. Precoro will calculate the PO or Bill sum automatically.  Find more information about Taxes setting up here

3. Repeat PO 

From now there is an opportunity to repeat already approved and completed Purchase order. This would save your time in cases when you make similar or the same purchases all the time. 

We have included some bug fixes and minor improvements to make your Precoro using better.