You can use Document Cost Center for tracking your spendings by departments or projects.


To configure it please follow the steps below:

  1. Map all the Departments/Projects that you have.

  2. Think about who will be responsible for the procurement for these Departments/Projects. 

  3. Add/check users involved. Make sure there are responsible users for all Departments/Projects. 
    Note: It would be useful to have at least one user who is responsible for all Departments/Projects.

  4. Add Departments/Projects in Precoro.

  5. Define users' access to these Departments/Projects.

How to add the Departments/Projects:

  • Navigate to the left side of the menu and choose Configurations > Document Cost Centers Management

  • Press the Add button to create a new Document Cost Center. Its type should be Select. Add names for Departments and Projects to the name fields based on your needs.

  • The Document Cost Center has its own configurations:

- Enable - means it is currently used by the company;

- Required - means it will be a necessary row in your documents;

- Show in Excel & PDF documents - means it will be shown in the downloaded from Precoro document.

  • You can also select in which parts of Precoro the particular Document Cost Center will be available by putting a tick. 

  • Add all parameters. The parameters are the names and codes of separate Departments/Projects.

  • In case you have a hierarchical tree of the Departments/Projects - use 2/3-level hierarchy. Below you will find a video that demonstrates the setting up of hierarchical Departments.

How to define user access to the Departments and/or Projects:

  • After you have added all the Departments/Projects and made them available for some documents - navigate to the user configuration page.

  • Now set it up for each user one by one.

What does this all mean?


When the user creates documents, Precoro requires him/her to select the Department (as configured) and thus, the allowed list of Departments will be shown as available.