This article will help you to set up a Custom Field for Documents.

Custom Fields for Documents are assigned to the users and documents. Usually, this is the list of Departments/Projects or other custom fields. They can be used in your documents, budgets, approvals, and access limitations. 

You can use Custom Fields for Documents for tracking your spendings by departments or projects.

In this article you can read more about the functionality of Custom Fields for Documents.


To configure Custom Field for Documents in the right way, please follow the steps below:

  1. Define all the Departments/Projects that you have.

  2. Think about who will be responsible for the procurement for each Departments/Projects. 

  3. Add/check users involved. Make sure there are responsible users for all Departments/Projects. 
    Note: It would be helpful to have at least one user responsible for all Departments/Projects.
  4. Add Departments/Projects in Precoro.

  5. Define users' access to these Departments/Projects.

How to create Departments/Projects:

  • Navigate to the left side of the menu and choose Configurations —> Custom field for documents

  • Press the "Add" button to create a new Custom Field for Documents. Its type should be 'Select'. Add names for Departments/Projects to the name fields based on your needs.

  • You can also add codes to options. Code field is not mandatory. 

  • Configure basic settings for this Custom Field

  • Select in which parts of Precoro the particular Custom Field for Documents will be available by putting a tick. 

  • Add all necessary options. Options are the names and codes of separate Departments/Projects.

  • In case you have a hierarchical tree (sub-departments) of the Departments/Projects - use 2/3-level hierarchy. 
    Below you will find a video that demonstrates the setting up of hierarchical Departments.

How to define user access to the Departments/Projects:

  • After you have added all the Departments/Projects and made them available for some documents — navigate to the User Management page.

  • Now set it up for each user one by one.

  • Note: you can limit access to documents by putting a tick on Limit access to documents.

How does it work?


When the user creates documents, Precoro requires them to select the Department (as configured), and thus, the allowed list of Departments will be shown as available.