In Precoro there are several ways to create a bill. You can create a Bill from scratch,  without the Purchase order,  it is also called Manual Bill or you can use an existing Purchase Order for this. Manual Bill is useful when the purchases were made not via Precoro but still, you need to track these expenses in the budget. 

In order to create a Bill without PO, please follow the steps below.

1. Navigate to the left-side menu and press Bill > Create.

2. Fill in all required fields:

  • date of delivery 
  • location for the bill
  • choose the supplier to whom the bill is created 
  • choose contract if available 
  • legal entity for the bill
  • the budget that would include the bill 
  • press Confirm once all required fields are filled in.

2. Click Add product button to add items from the catalog or Add an empty line button to insert items manually.

3. Choose required items. Also, you can use a filter (by keywords, suppliers, category etc.). Click Add button to add the item to the Bill.

4.  Doublecheck the information and click Confirm button. In your process has an approval workflow, please wait for Bill approval. Also, you can track Bill statuses in the info block of the Bill.