In Precoro there are several ways to create an Invoice: 


The purposes of the Invoices for the Purchase Order:

  • Track the discrepancies between the Order and the Invoice 
  • Workflow for the Purchasing from Ordering for Payments and Receipts
  • Reduce late and early payments

In order to create an Invoice for the Purchase order, please follow the steps below: 

  1. Navigate to the left side menu and press Create from PO
    The number on this button shows how many Orders are pending for the Invoice.
  2. Select the Supplier
  3. Select the Purchase Order.
    Note: You should have the Purchase Order number in the Invoice. Make your suppliers do it. It allows to understand why you get the Invoice quickly.
  4. Take a look for the paper or electronic Invoice. Is the invoice amount different from the order amount? If yes, you have some discrepancies.
    Look at the items and change it if there are some discrepancies. Add new items if you have such in the Invoice. Or delete some items if you don't have such items in the Invoice.
    Note: If you know that the item wasn't included 
  5. Once all changes are done press Confirm button. 
  6. Precoro will calculate on this step the deviation between a Purchase Order and Invoice. The changes should be approved from a Purchase Order initiator if the Invoice to PO % is greater than the allowed Tolerance rate.
  7. The Purchase Order initiator gets the email notification about required approval changes. Goes to Precoro and approves the changes (or rejects/rework).
  8. The same process is for the Purchase Order approvers.
  9. The Invoice approval process starts when the Purchase Order approval process ends.